IN STOCK: DELUXE Holo Pure Kit by Sparkle & Co. (Suzie’s Link)




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Included: (10 items)

Holo Pure (this is TRUE Holo Magic Powder – NOT glitter): 2 gram jar

Gel Top: 9ml bottle (necessary to create a true holographic look; the powder will not create the same flawless result with other gel top coats)

Gel Base: 9ml bottle

White, Black, Purple, Neon Coral or Pink Gel Polish 9ml bottle (please leave color choice in notes at checkout)

Brush/Sponge Applicator: 1

Clear Nail Sticks (for practice) – 5

Cosmetic Grade: Burnish into the tacky layer of black gel polish (or any color) to create true holographic nails.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please email me to order:


Holographic Powder Nails!


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