NEW! Mylar Flakes – 18g Jar: Choose Color


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These are so fun! 16 beautiful colors now and more to come soon.

They can be embedded/encapsulated into acrylic or hard gel. For soak-off  gel polish: mix flakes into No Wipe Gel Top in a separate container and apply as your top coat over your cured gel polish color.  This is the best technique for a smooth finish. These can be used on top of regular polish too – but may not have the smoothest after-effect: Place on top of slightly tacky nail polish and seal off with a top coat.  For dip powders: Mylar Flakes must be mixed into Crystal Clear only and applied as a THIRD coat on top of your two Dip Powder color coats. Have fun!

 Great Tips from Lori: 

“For Regular Polish: the more metallic, heavier flakes, use a heavier gel-like topcoat for a coat over the flakes. I like Gelous (available at Sally’s). This makes a heavier top coat, 1-2 coats, for a smoother finish. The larger the flakes, the stiffer they are so I just don’t use the big ones. The more curved the nail, the smaller pieces you want to use. I use a thin coat of clear top coat (with regular polish) then while wet apply flakes as desired. Let dry then top with clear, thicker top coat. Another good gel-like top coat is from Walmart (but there are lots of brands out there) is Nail-Aid No Light Gel Top Coat. It is in a black bottle.

For Gel Polish: just apply flakes over top coat, cure, another top coat, cure.

Another method is a dip method for extreme coverage. Dip wet nail into flakes, or sprinkle on, press as desired, cure, or dry, add top coat, or two.”

More info on Lori’s beautiful designs:

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g.33 Seafoam Green, g.34 Yellow Gold, g.35 Magenta, g.36 Holo, g.37 Iridescent Pink, g.38 Iridescent Blue/Purple, g.39 Butterscotch, g.40 Coral Pink, g.41 True Gold, g.42 Silver, g.43 Pink, g.44 Fuchsia, g.45 Ocean Blue, g.46 Deep Sea Blue, g.47 Purple/Blue, g.48 Sunshine Yellow