Oceans of Beauty was created for EZ Dip nails.  It is a sister site to 52weeksofbeauty.com where you can find my Youtube Videos all about EZ Dip Nails, Tape In Hair Extensions and other beauty related topics. I discovered EZ Dip a couple years ago when walking into a salon close to where I live.  I loved the nails of a girl working there and asked her what color it was and she said it was an EZ Dip color.  I had never heard of it.  Soon, I was having them apply EZ Dip to my nails!  I loved the process and thought it was way too much fun!  I just knew I had to sell it.  One day, I walked into the salon and asked Danny (the owner) if I could do YouTube videos about his product and sell it.  I told him I knew other girls would love to have beautiful nails at home too.  He said YES!  I was so happy and began making videos right away.  EZ Dip has been growing more and more ever since and I have loved every minute of it!  It is so fun to see all of your pictures and hear how much you all love having professional looking nails in the comfort of your own home.  I am not a customer of his salon anymore, because I always do EZ Dip at home now, but I am his customer in another way now by selling EZ Dip here (and on Amazon and eBay).  I hope you give EZ Dip a try and share your experience with me on YouTube (52WeeksofBeauty), Facebook (EZ DIP NAILS), Instagram (EZDIPNAILS), email or through reviews!  I would love to hear from you!  I can be reached at christy.allysen@yahoo.com



  1. I would love to get a list of salons which use your product. Alternatively, I’d like to get a starter kit.

    1. Author

      Hi – we do not have an active list, I’m sorry. Many salons in TX, FL, IL and CA carry this currently.

  2. I’m al always paying $25 to $30 every 2 weeks to get my nails done!! This looks like it could save me some time and money!!I would like to try this.. what do you recommend??

  3. How much is a state kit…..and can you make them long for a person who has very short nails and that is why I go to a salon or buy the stuff myself so I can have long nails…so could you please help me

  4. How much is a starter kit? And do I use fake nails, my nails are very short. Looking forward to your reply!

  5. I bought a starter kit and was so pleased with it I have now bought a few different colours. This product is so easy to use and looks so professional. I highly recommend it. Also the help I have had from Christy has been second to none. The best product I have bought in a long time

  6. What colours are available and how much is a starter kit?

    1. Author

      All colors – plus some new ones that aren’t released yet! 🙂 The starter kit is currently $71

  7. I can’t decide if I like the light pink or dark pink french. Could you please post a side by side comparison?

  8. I really want to purchase a starter kit. Please let me know the price and send a link where I can purchase from

  9. how do you remove this stuff to apply a new color?

  10. I am in the Netherlands do you do International order? I am really interested in the EZdip product.

  11. This looks very interesting! I’m wandering how do you remove it?

    1. Hey Diane, pure acetone and warm water will do it all.

  12. I am interested in this. I have shorter nails does this work over false tips? Or does this create them? Also how do you remove them?

    1. Hey Jacki pure acetone and warm water will do it all. Thats the method I used to remove mine after 15 days.

  13. Does it leave an odor when applying?

    1. Hey Brittain, that’s my third time using it no odor at all.

  14. Love this product.. first time user and will continue using.. doing my own nails after 15+ plus years of paying someone else.. very liberating.. will be referring everyone.. can’t wait to use more colors..

  15. I bought p90 and don’t like it and would like to return it how do I do that? I bought clear and will add glitter to it
    Thanks Christy

  16. Some of my nails have been coming off after a few days, I have been following all of the directions so I don’t know why! Do you have any tips so that I don’t keep running into this problem?

  17. When you choose the starter kit can you choose the clear powder?

    1. Sorry meant to say… when you purchase the starter kit can you choose the clear powder?

  18. Do you have a full set of acrylic underneath the powder gel? Could you post a video of your whole process of doing it with the tips?

    1. You don’t need acrylic underneath. I put fake tips on and then the EZ dip over it and it hasn’t broke or anything and I have had them on for a week.

    1. Is EZDIP acrylic? Can gel color be applied over clear EZDIP?

  19. Are these products safe to use during pregnancy?

  20. The gloss coat doesn’t dry glossy but dull, like a matte finish. What’s wrong with it?

    1. I had that problem too. When that happens file off the gloss coat then dust off the nail dust. The step where you add the promoter I notice it doesn’t turn cloudy if you put the Promoter on right before the gloss coat instead of waiting 30secs

      1. I am having this issue too 🙁 and sometimes it gets glossy but there are spikey rough patches that form after they dry???

  21. I am in love with E-Zach Dip! I purchased the starter kit in January, and have sincentives purchased seviral different powders
    I get better and better each time I apply. I get asked where I get my nails done, they can’t believe that I do them myself! I tell anyone who will listen about E-Z Dip, can’t wait for my new color to come!

    1. Darn auto correct, not E-Zach, E-Z

  22. Just wondering if you offer product in exchange for reviews. I would definitely be interested.

  23. can the starter kit be purchased with the clear powder instead of a colored one??

  24. I love all the color choices…
    Do you sell small samples of colors like maybe say do five mani…just to see if it something I wanna purchase on going big
    Like I would like to buy all colors but I would like to sample all colors first . Hope I’m making sense.

  25. I love this product and the idea of doing it myself at home. Your videos are great and so personable. Do you have a video with instructions on how to use the kit with the French manicure? I would probably like to purchase that one if I could see how it’s done. Thank you.

  26. Hi,
    Are all of your products cruelty free?

  27. Hi there i couldnt find anything on your site about your shipping! Do you ship to New zealand and where are you based?

  28. Can I use the clear ez dip for a base nail and do my shellac manicure on top of the clear?

  29. are these non acrylic and non gel powders? also do you sell to the general public? if so I am interested in the kit. Thank you.

  30. I’m experiencing problems applying the gloss coat. It doesn’t dry and as I’m applying it’s all clumpy and thick. I’m wondering what is it I’m doing wrong?

    1. Author

      Hi! Make sure you are applying in this equation: promoter, then two thin coats of gloss coat back to back. It does expire 3 months after opening – so if the liquid is clumpy – this could be the case…

  31. Hi does any of the base coats structure or top coats contain formaldehyde?

    1. I have used a different product and i am 4 months pregnant. So i would say yes its safe.

  32. I dknt have a tracking number or anything. I purchase the liquids and one color last night. How long will it be before it arrives at my house?

  33. How can i apply the gloss coat properly? It leaves dry flat looking streaks throughout the nail.

  34. And the color i got doesnt look the same as it did in the picture. Can i swap it out? Or no?

  35. Hi there. I’m just wondering if u are a company based out of the USA. My husband is gonna buy me a late Valentine’s Day gift ND I told him this would be perfect. But knowing me I can be a bit impatient when I want something really good. Hehe and of course it’s HOLO! Who wouldn’t be excited about anything holo.

  36. Hello, you have on your page that you are having a free shipping but my order is still cashing me a shipping. Is there some error or free shipping is on some area only? Thanks for your response.

  37. Hi! I was just wondering how long shipping usually takes! Just ordered the EZ dip glitter kit! So excited!

  38. Hi again! I ordered the crystal gel with glitter kit! Should be here today! I was wondering if there was any method to how much powder to glitter you should use when mixing?
    Thanks so much!

  39. What is the best method of removal? I had to take it off because the cuticle ends started seperating from my nail. Then the tips ripped some of my nails. I used acetone the same as if I were taking off gel polish.

  40. hi! i want to buy three items but when im about to checkout, it costs shipping. it has already over $25 and i have no idea why do i have to pay $15 for shipping. and it says “flat rate” at the shipping row.

  41. I just came back to my kit after a couple months away. The Promoter completely evaporated and I had the bottle closed tightly. Any storage suggestions? Is there a product I can use to take the place of Promoter until a new bottle arrives?

  42. Have you ever considered selling smaller sizes in the EZ dip liquids? I have a hard time using all of it before they get clumpy.

    1. Author

      The Sparkle & Co. versions are slightly thinner formulations – and these are lasting so much longer. They are compatible with the EZ Dip powder too. If you try them, please follow up with your thoughts – we would love to hear! 🙂

  43. Hello…I am allergic to acrylics and monomer, are your products acrylic or monomer?

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