Deluxe GEL Unicorn Chrome Powder Kit by Sparkle & Co.




***This item is backordered now, all orders placed will ship out by June 12th, 2017***

OMGEEEE does this really exist?!  It does now! (VIDEO BELOW!)

What is this wizardry?! This Unicorn Chrome is beyond magical – super smooth and so stunning over any colorful gel color! Put a spell on your nails and watch your nails turn into mystical visions. It has the appearance of glass or marbles – it’s so iridescent and just beyond shiny!  My favorite color gel to use with it is Sparkle & Co. Azure Blue in 039 or Sparkle & Co. 019 Raspberry. I can’t even explain how your nails will look in sunlight – it’s rainbowy, yet chameleon, yet…just stunning!!  I love it over light colors for iridescent looks and over darker colors for a more rainbow appearance in the sunlight!

To Apply:

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Base, 1-2 coats of any color Sparkle & Co Gel Color and cure all coats for 60s LED

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top (no wipe) and cure 30s-45s LED (test your lamp)

Apply Sparkle & Co. Unicorn Chrome with an eyeshadow applicator and dust off extra

Apply Sparkle & Co. Gel Top again and cure for 60s


***The photo of the 5 nails is Sparkle & Co. Unicorn Chrome over different color gel polishes***

Included: (14 items)

Unicorn Chrome: 3 gram jar

Gel Top: 8ml bottle

Gel Base: 8ml bottle

Gel Polish: Color 039 (Azure Blue) 8ml bottle

Brush/Sponge Applicator: 5

Clear Nail Sticks (for practice) – 5

FDA Approved, Cosmetic Grade. 


Salon/Bulk Pricing available:





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