Gel Top 8ml & Matte Top 8ml Duo




Gel Top:

Clear Tack Free, No Cleanse, No Wipe, Soak Off Led/UV Gel Polish

Professional, High Quality Product.  No need to remove tacky layer, just cure and you are done!

For Gel Polish Top Coat Only: cure 120s UV and 60s LED;

For Mirror & Holo Powder applications: cure Gel Top for 30-60s LED and 45s-120s UV (lamp times can vary) prior to powder application.  Also make sure to use this as the end top coat again as well over the powder.

Beautiful, smooth application with very high quality clear brush


Matte Top:

Turn any glossy color into a beautiful, classy matte finish. Use over cured gel polish.  Cure 1 coat 60s LED and 120s UV





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