Hot Pink Jelly Gel (for Hot Pink Chrome Look)




Finally – it’s here!  It’s a Hot Pink Jelly Neon Gel Polish that makes the prettiest Hot Pink Chrome look!

Included in this listing: ONLY 15ml Gel Polish in Hot Pink Jelly 012.  The Silver Chrome, Black Gel & No Wipe Top Coat are needed for this look and sold separately. 


Apply Gel Base, Cure 60s LED

Apply 1-2 Coats Gel Polish 001 Black, Cure 60s LED

Apply Gel Top and cure 30s LED

Apply Silver Chrome and Dust Off Extra

Apply Hot Pink Gel 012 over Silver Chrome, Cure 60s LED

optional: apply a hard gel or Gel Protect and Cure 60s LED

Apply Gel Top No Wipe and Cure 60s LED