REGULAR POLISH (Not Gel): Seal & Top Pure




Mirror or Holo nails over EZ Dip! No lamps needed!

Top Pure: Clear liquid nail polish that is specifically formatted for use with Chrome Pure for Regular, Normal Polish Mirror and Holo Powder Applications; 15ml

Seal: 10ml Clear Sealant for JUST Nail Tips


Watch Video Below:






  1. (verified owner)

    I just got this today in the mail and I am thrilled with it. I have only tested it on swatch sticks so far though but I am sure real nails will be just as successful.
    Initially I tried it with a different brand gold but I believe it was not a true mirror gold. It applied great but no mirror finish. So I switched to my Sparkle & Co. Chrome Pure to see if I was right, and sure enough, the chrome came out with a gorgeous mirror effect and I am thrilled with the fact that I don’t need to use gel to use these amazing powders now.
    Considering I change my polish ever three days or so Gel was not really on my radar as something I wanted to use, so when these powders hit the scene I felt defeated in the avoiding gel policy I’ve had, got some cheapo gel to try and was not really happy with them. So again I am super excited to have this option.
    10/10 will buy again.

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