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May Bags – Limited Quantities Remain – on Under Subscription!

Payment Cycle: Any orders placed April.13th – May.12th will receive the May edition (photos not yet available)***

Have trouble deciding which color to get or which nail art product to try?  Do you love surprises every month? Well – we want to make your mind up for you and let you just enjoy the fun of having your mailbox sparkle! Sparkle & Co. is launching a new subscription service!  We think you will say YAYYYY! every time you open up your new monthly subscription box or bag!

Each month, we will send out a beautiful selection of products for you to try! Our emphasis will be on the current (or upcoming season) and popular/brand new/sneak peek products! We will do our best to not send you something you have recently ordered.

Dip Powder Box: Will include some of the following items (varies monthly): trial sizes of dip powders, a dip liquid (will change from month to month), nail polish, nail art, nail supplies, a new dip powder tip/trick, info cards, sticker.  This box will NOT include any gel polish. All products will be Sparkle & Co. (not EZ Dip) but are compatible with the EZ Dip liquids. You will receive sparkly and/or non sparkly dip powders. If you strongly prefer one over the other, please make sure to contact me, so I can make a note.

Surprise Me Box: Will include a various assortment of fun items listed above! Could be gel, dip powder, nail polish, nail art, nail supplies and most likely a mix of most of these!

***PLEASE NOTE: These boxes will NEVER have everything you need to do a full manicure.  For surprise me: a UV/LED lamp, base coat and top coat must be purchased separately (although you may receive one of these in the boxes at some point).  Our gel works with any other brand of base, top or UV/LED lamp – so if you already have these, you are all set! Also – for dip powder: Base Bond, Solidify & Glossy Coat will be needed to complete a dip powder manicure. Most months you will only receive the dip powders and one liquid. So please make sure you know this and prepare ahead of time.  You will need the other two.  Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing a gift for someone. If you want to sign them up to receive the monthly Surprise Me box, please make sure they have a lamp, gel base, gel top, base bond, solidify and glossy coat ahead of time.  And for the Dip Powder Box lovers: Base Bond, Solidify and Glossy Coat and the 3 Pack of Nail Files that we sell.

Here is how it works:

Choose your preferred box selection above.  Coupons are not valid for subscriptions.  This currently is shipping to the USA only.  Each month, your credit card/Paypal will be charged.  Always free shipping. You will receive your Subscription box or bag 2-3 weeks after each Payment is received.  For Paypal: You can manage your account under the “My Account” tab on this website. You can cancel at any time with no fees/penalties.  If you would like to give one month of your subscription to a friend, please email: with the new preferred address.  Also, if you have any questions about the boxes or products, you can always email me as well!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY!  Pleassssse share your unboxing photos/videos and manicures with us!  We seriously go crazy seeing them and love sharing them as well!!!

P.S. You all have been requesting trial sizes of dip powders for like a million years haha and we finally HAVE THEM!!  They are soooo super cute!

BONUS! After you sign up, you will receive a customized 20% off code (sent via email) to used on as often as you would like.  It is good for as long as you are a subscription monthly member!

BONUS #2! Every 6 months of being a subscription member, you will receive a free FULL SIZE Dip Powder, Nail Polish or Gel Polish of your Choice! We will email you on your (every) 6th month anniversary!


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